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(small overview) : CD (LP 1980)CD (LP 1982)CD (1992)CD (1990-1994)CD (1999)
see also Klarisa M.Jovanovic & Veno Dolenc CD (1998)Klarisa M. Jovanovic CD (2001), Melita Osojnik CD (2000)
  Sedmina : Melita & Veno Dolenc (1980)****°

Also listed on http://www2.arnes.si/~mavsen1/sedmina.htm
More details  : http://www.progarchives.com/..
Review in ?? language : http://thrak.cafe24.com/html/sedmina_melita.htm
Japanese review : http://myhome.hanafos.com/~thrak/html/sedmina_melita.htm
Homepage of guitarist from first album Etmin : http://www.etbin.com/glasba_eng.htm
Sedmina : II Dejanje (=drugo Dejanje or second) (1982)****°

Album listed at http://www2.arnes.si/~mavsen1/sedmina2eng.htm
Original drawing at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/06.html
Sedmina : Onkraj Reke (1990-1994)****

Original drawing at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/04.html
Webpage with soundfile and iformation : http://www2.arnes.si/~kjovan1/projekti/e_pr_onkrajreke.html
soundfile :"Sarabanda
Sedmina : Rojstvo Idola (1992)****

First published as a private tape in 1993, later reissued in Slovenia.

Original drawing at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/08.html
Similar drawing at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/07.html
Webpage with info and 2 soundfiles : http://www2.arnes.si/~kjovan1/projekti/e_pr_idol.html
Audio : "Druidi", "Igraj v Kolu, Jabolko"
Sedmina : Stekleni Cas (1999) (1999)***°

Original drawing at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/02.html
Webpage  : http://www2.arnes.si/~kjovan1/projekti/e_pr_stekleni.html
Audio : "Ballade des Seigneurs du temps jadis"
Klarisa M.Jovanovic & Veno Dolenc : Duma Levantina (1989)***'

Webpage  : http://www2.arnes.si/~kjovan1/projekti/e_pr_duma.html
Audio : "El Rey de Francia"
Sedmina : "Unknown late 70's Yugoslavian progressive folk ensemble. The music is rather melancholy. This is primarily acoustic music featuring guitar, violin, percussion, flute, and sundry sounds. Serene female/male vocal harmonies. "Il Dajanje" is the second album and features longer more progressive sounding material. Kind of like a depressed version of Mellow Candle. "  
(description of http://www.circle4.com/~lasercd/progrock/s.html

"This Slovenian band made some of the most beautiful, darkest, and mysterious folk/progressive music around. Their sound is very similar to some of the underground German folk/psych bands of the time. In addition to the female vocals, this features all kinds of stringed instruments, as well as clarinet, flute, and recorder. I highly recommend all three of these!"
(description of first album on http://www.longhairmusic.de/malesch/s.htm)

Second CD "Dejanje" is highly recommended and essential. It was reissued In Italy by Mellotron Records. I could also give the second Mormos as reference of instrumentation being used. The fourth product is different, less driven but still beautiful acid folk. The third release is also more quiet but sounds really very nice. It has the help of a lot of musicians. It contains nice acid folk arrangements. The last one I have, with even more arrangements has a few traditional tunes too but it's at least as much interesting as the third one I have here. Also the last two albums are also very nice, partly because of the beautiful female (sometimers male / or duo) voice with accompaniement. 


Melita Osojnik and her husband Veno Dolenc started the group in 1977 and through the next 5 years they had several concerts in the former Yugoslavia and in Austria, many TV and radio programs and recorded 2 LPs - first in 1980 and second in 1982. Than the group stopped to work together (Veno and Melita divorced). After some years Veno started to make music with a new group and a new singer - first as Duma than as Sedmina - and recorded three CDs with various musicians.

Playlist with these items : http://psychevanhetfolk.homestead.com/files/Playlist_2002_APRIL_24.txt

More drawings from the cover artist / composer Veno Dolenc : http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/Kazalo_Dolenc.html
with biography at http://galerija.tol.sik.si/Galerija/Veno_Dolenc/Biografija.html
Contact for Veno Dolenc tel. +386 4 5945 341

Webpage (English/Slovenian) from member/singer on the first 2 albums, Melita Osojnik :
with discography : http://www2.arnes.si/~mavsen1/cds.htm
Contact : melita.osojnik@guest.arnes.si


Melita's latest CD contains a few tracks from the (Sedmina) cooperation with Veno Dolenc, beautifully arranged. Most of the music are song (or slightly chanson) orientated orchestra hall music. Beautiful voice, piano, cello, violin,..often classical inspired.

I hope to have reviewed Melita's latest musical project (2007), of traditional Slevenian songs, soon.

The second female vocalist, Klarisa M. Jovanovic also has a homepage with more information on her projects including the Sedmina releases, and the other Veno Dolenc cooperations (also in English) :

Klarisa's latest CD contain beautiful ethnic folk songs from Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Very consistently performed. A very nice recording. Very middle eastern flavored ethno folk. Beautiful versions played with a certain magical control / mood. Another recommended listen.

Info : http://www2.arnes.si/~kjovan1/projekti/pr_hasret.html
Audio : "Fatima Lozu Sadila"

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Playlist of radioshows wih Sedmina here and here

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